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Harley 103 oil change

Harley 103 oil change

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Harley Oil Change Kit

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Screamin' Eagle Performance Fork Oil. Extended Life Antifreeze and Coolant.

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We will get through this together. Updated: June 25, Reader-Approved References. Harley Davidson oil changes can be pricey. If you're someone that isn't afraid to get their hands dirty, read this article and learn how to save some money. The example used here is an 88 cubic feet 2. Always make sure to consult your service manual to make sure you are referencing the proper fluid capacities for your bike.

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Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Take your bike for a ride. The oil needs to be hot and thinned out before you can drain it. Learn where to drain the oil.

There are three places you need to drain your oil from: the engine, transmission, and primary chaincase. Remove the oil fill cap. This will allow your old oil to flow out of the bike faster. Drain the engine oil.

This is easiest to get to from right side of the bike.The item selected will only fit the motorcycles listed. Please select your bike here to see all the parts that fit your motorcycle. The net result of all this riding is the need to change motorcycle oil frequently. While the official factory manual only mandates every miles, many riders in the know do so at least that much, if not more.

First step is, drop the old oil via a trio of drain plugs on the bottom of the engine and transmission cases.

Two bolts drain primary fluid and engine oil, while a horizontal plug drains the transmission itself. Be sure to drain into a portable container for transfer to your local recycling spot. Place the three drain plugs, derby cover and old gasket nearby, separate from the new derby gaskets. Use the oil filter tool to remove the filter from the front of the motor.

harley 103 oil change

You can do the next two steps in either order, but next we popped off the primary derby cover via the five hex screws that hold it in place, then removed the inner gasket, as it typically gets replaced every time. You can reuse it, but run a greater risk of leaks. Doing this first gives the oil filter a chance to drain a bit before removing it, which makes for less dripping and mess. Before replacing the drain plugs, clean them thoroughly with brake cleaner or other solvent.

Next, replace the o-rings on the plugs with the new ones in the oil change kit. Apply some high-temp thread sealant to help keep your motorcycle oil tight. Replacing the derby gasket is straightforward, just apply a little oil to all surfaces and stretch it into the groove with your thumbs.

Pour oil into the oil filter until it reaches the threads, and let it soak until install. Spread some oil around the integral gasket on the oil filter as well. Clean surfaces before buttoning up and filling up. Put all the drain plugs back, and torque to manual specs lb-ft. Set your drain pan aside and screw on the oil filter snugly. Transmission and motor oil fillers are right next to each other on the right side. Tranny on the right and motor on the left.

After finishing the job, start the bike, warm the engine, and add until at the full line on the dipstick. By subscribing you agree to our Privacy Policy. Shop Motorcycle Gear Shop All. Shop Motorcycle Tires Shop All. Victory Tires Yamaha Tires. Shop Helmets Shop All. Half Helmets. Open Face. Dual Sport. Full Face. Shop By Riding Style. Triumph Parts Yamaha Parts. Klim Kriega Metzeler Michelin Puig. Perfect for them. Hassle-free exchanges.

HOW TO. MOTO Skip to main content Harley Oil Change Kit. Currently unavailable. Great buy Take to HD they want See All Buying Options.

RedLine Bundle. In Stock. First of all Redline synthetic oils are top notch, the transmission gear oil will quiet your shifts, the primary oil is not so slick as some other synthetics so it keeps your clutch from slipping, and the motor oil is great to reduce heat from the twin cam motors.

Also I got 5 quarts of motor oil and my bike only needs 4 so 1 goes to a free future oil change, the funnel works great on twin cam motors, and the injector cleaner works well too, but the hat and stickers are just too cool. Add to cart. Same as HD. But alot cheaper. Glad I ordered this. This is my first Harley and so I have learned that Harley oil changes are messy. This does reduce the oil mess.

harley 103 oil change

I reccomend this. It was everything I expected. I had been using another more well known synthetic for years. Came across this "kit" thought I give it a try. My bike feels like it runs smoother on this brand than the other. I trust Maxima, I used to use it in my younger days when I had dirt bikes and did some local racing. My bikes ran just as well as the others and lasted. The filter looks identical to the brand name I usually run, fit was perfect and no leaks.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about which oil is best or how often to change it. My philosophy is to put a high quality oil in the engine so that I can extend the life of the engine, increase performance, reduce heat and most importantly; extend the mileage for oil changes. I put this oil in my Yamaha Raider and I can tell you I achieved those goals Well, time will tell on the engine life but I get smoother shifting, less heat, and extend my oil changes to every 5k miles.

Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Excellent product. The local bike shop turned me on to Red Line Oil. I use nothing else for my bike now. You need to try it.We hope you love the products we recommend and just so you know that as an Amazon Associate MyEngineNeeds may earn from qualifying purchases.

We have extensively written about best synthetic oil for Harley Davidson motorcycle. Despite of that, there are many two-wheelers who send us emails asking about informational follow-up content pieces on ideal engine oil for motorbikes. This article features debatable issues about Harley Davidson motorcycles. We have looked at possible angles about using synthetic engine oil for such motorbikes. You should give it a read while you are at it.

Just like any other popular motorcycle manufacturer, Harley Davidson Co. After all, endorsements and word of mouth are always beneficial to the manufacturer in the long run. That being said, all Harleys are categorized according to their engine type.

You cannot use one specific type of engine oil for every other HD in the market. We have broken down engine oil types for Harley Davidson motorcycles into following main categories.

harley 103 oil change

Our personal recommendation on a specific oil type will follow afterward. Read on…. This is your basic engine oil type. This is more of a hybrid category.

It is not full on synthetic engine oil, but you are somewhere close to a standard benchmark. A while ago, we wrote up a simple review where it was mentioned that Castrol was sued for misrepresentation on a certain branding strategy.

The complainant stated that Castrol was using a certain product and claimed that it was full synthetic engine oil. However, studies revealed that the chemical composition of the engine oil was semi-synthetic. This lead to a lawsuit that Castrol eventually lost. However, it was a minor dent.

They overcame adversity and released hundreds of new products that were bang on accurate and outperformed the competition by a long shot. If you ask Harley reps, they will recommend official HD endorsed engine oil.

We already mentioned earlier that it is a harmless marketing tactic. You can either use what they recommend or go for other brands that you have been following previously as an avid road racer.

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An interesting thing to note that is Harley Davidson warranty violation. To check API rating, read the engine oil specifications and standards. Obviously, a lot of questions point to the correct engine oil type. It implies that you use the correct engine oil type to prevent the engine from bearing any internal damage or whatsoever. We did some research and found out that Harley Davidson Co. Typically, a higher number does not mean better performance; it is just a labeling system for specific oil types.

Okay, so this guy reached out to us recently. He said that he was trail biking on his Harley Davidson. The road was bumpy and since there were a lot of turns, he had to apply the brakes a lot.

Soon, the rider started hearing screeching noises whenever brakes were applied. In some instances, the brakes automatically applied to a lighter extent. He rode his bike to the nearest Harley Davidson repair center.In this video, we go through changing transmission fluid on the Rushmore, Twin Cooled This service point is straightforward, with very few steps but it is of utmost importance that it is completed correctly.

Underfilling, or overfilling your transmission can cause serious problems for your motorcycle. The drain plug is located in the oil pan. It is the plug located closest to the trans side cover, towards the right side of the motorcycle. The drain plug has a magnet on the end of it.

How to Change the Three Oil Compartments on the Harley Davidson Twin Cam Motorcycle

Inspect it before cleaning it. A little paste-like metallic substance is common from normal wear. Always replace the drain plug O ring and prep the threads with Loctite teflon paste. Begin installing the drain plug by hand; then, snug and final tighten ft lbs.

The six speed Harley Davidson transmission fluid case will typically hold approx one quart of oil. Give the level one final look after running the motorcycle. Reinstall the fill plug and tighten in. Following the service schedule in your factory service manual is a must. Over the years, you will have the need to change your transmission fluid many times over.

It is important that this is accomplished correctly; every time. Bob takes you through the step-by-step process for throttle cable service and adjustment, and air cleaner service or replacement. He discusses the different parts in the throttle system, their specific roles and how to clean and take care of them, then teaches you about the elements of the air cleaner. Make sure the lights are working properly, the horn makes noise, turn signals are operational, and all grommets are in place.

Then you should check the throttle, add oil and fill the tires to the correct level. Once your finished with the service, get out and ride! You will need to do the reverse during installation. Bob demonstrates the best way to do this using a MityVac and a gasoline can.

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Once you follow his instructions and drain the fuel tank filter, cleaning any dirty parts and tightening any loose bolts, you can refill the tank with fuel and your bike should be good to go. You should do this without a rider or passenger and with the bike in neutral.

They teach you how to check for belt tension and deflection and how to retorque the axle so you can give your bike a smoother ride.The item selected will only fit the motorcycles listed. Please select your bike here to see all the parts that fit your motorcycle. In Stock. Free Shipping. Capacity: 16 oz. Capacity: 64 oz. We carry natural Harley oil and synthetics in various viscosities to fit your bike and the time of year.

At jpcycles. By subscribing you agree to our Privacy Policy. Shop Motorcycle Gear Shop All. Shop Motorcycle Tires Shop All. Victory Tires Yamaha Tires. Shop Helmets Shop All. Half Helmets. Open Face.

Dual Sport. Full Face. Shop By Riding Style. Triumph Parts Yamaha Parts. Klim Kriega Metzeler Michelin Puig. Perfect for them. Hassle-free exchanges. HOW TO. MOTO Search Products. Garage Select a Motorcycle. Select a Motorcycle. Clear Selection. Year Save Motorcycle. Don't see your motorcycle? Saved Motorcycles. Related Categories. Sort By:. Select your motorcycle to guarantee fitment. Twin Power Oil Change Kit. Riders Leather Seal 8oz. Made in the USA.